Found the missing half of the Universe


Найдена недостающая половина ВселеннойThe researchers found that 50 percent of the “missing” of visible matter.

An international group of scientists the study have discovered the missing 50 percent of the visible matter in the Universe.

According to the results of the work of experts, the matter is quite tightly Packed between the galaxies and galactic clusters.

It is reported that the universe is over than 95 percent consists of dark matter and dark energy. While normal (baryonic) matter is given about 4.6 percent of the total occupied space.

In the study, researchers found that in stars, the interstellar medium and the hot gas in galaxy clusters (clusters) is only 50 percent of the amount of baryonic matter, which before was called by the scientists.

Experts also proved that the missing part of the ordinary matter is located between the galaxies and clusters, while it is quite difficult to detect because too low density.

The arguments of scientists based on the analysis of data obtained from the orbiting Planck Observatory, which is designed to study the cosmic microwave background.


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