Found the happiest city in the European Union


Найден самый счастливый город в ЕвросоюзеLife in Vilnius is happy 98% of the residents.

The happiest EU citizens live in Vilnius.

The relevant data presented on Wednesday, September 13 statistical Agency Eurostat.

It is noted that 98% of the inhabitants of Vilnius are satisfied with their place of life. Next go to Copenhagen and Stockholm (at the 97% of satisfied residents), followed by 96% for Luxembourg and Vienna.

The level of purity among European capitals is leading Luxembourg – think 95% of the population. Followed by Vienna (90%) and Ljubljana (88%)
The highest quality school in Dublin. So say 83% of the inhabitants of the Irish capital, followed by Nicosia, Ljubljana and Helsinki (79%) and Luxembourg (78%).

The most comfortable public transport, according to the polls, – in Luxembourg and Vienna (88%), Stockholm (87%) and Ljubljana (86%).


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