Found particles of the cross on which Jesus was crucified


Найдены частицы креста, на котором распяли ИисусаThe artifact is made of pure gold.

In Bulgaria archaeologists during excavations in the ancient fortress near the city of Veliko Tarnovo have discovered a first of its kind, the Golden crucifixion of Christ, dated to the XII century.

As reported Archaeology in Bulgaria, the find was made in the study of the recently discovered ruins of the medieval Church. Archaeologists have discovered the so-called encolpion – small ark cruciform shape with the image of Jesus Christ.

Inside usually placed particles of the consecrated communion bread, or the relics of saints. The find is dated to the XII century. Bulgarian scholars argue that it is the first of its kind.

He was found behind the altar, an archaeological team headed by Professor Konstantin Totewin. Inside enkolpion were pieces of wood. Scientists believe that they were given for the particles of the Holy cross on which Jesus was crucified Christ.

Their authenticity could not be verified technically. It is assumed that all of wood particles are used as relics in medieval Eastern churches, was obtained from pieces of the Holy cross.

In the middle ages it was customary to keep in the churches of such relics. The analysis showed that the artifact was made in the period when Bulgaria was still part of the Byzantine Empire.

It is noteworthy that the Church itself was built only in the XIII century, i.e. a century after the manufacture of the unique crucifixion.


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