Found full of diamonds, a sunken ship


Найден набитый бриллиантами затонувший корабльThe wreck was first found by divers almost 20 years ago.

British researchers headed by underwater archaeologist David Gibbins (David Gibbins) found fragments sunk in the XVII century merchant ship carrying treasures, the current value of which is about $ 10 million. Divers found the cannon and anchor, but the location of the treasure is still unknown.

The British ship “the President” belonging to the East India company, sank in 1684, when he returned from India, Laden with pearls and diamonds. The storm claimed the lives of nearly all members of the team who survived the pirate attack and exhausted by long hunger. Survived only two people who have managed to cling to the rocks and reach the shore of Mounts Bay, located near the city Porthleven (England). Subsequently, the Dutch cartographer Johannes van Kellen noted on the map of Cornwall location of the shipwreck.

The supposed wreck was first found by divers almost 20 years ago, however, the Act on the protection of sunken ships, 1973, hindered their study. Since then, fragments of the ship were buried in the sand.

Government organisation Historic England gave permission Gibbins and his team to study the wreckage of the “President”, which, due to the recent storms again appeared on the bottom surface. During the survey of underwater archaeologists have discovered seven guns and an anchor belonging to the ship, and located just a few metres from the coast at a depth of less than seven metres.

According to experts, since the shipwreck treasure, carried the vessel remained intact. They can be found in the course of further research.


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