Found evidence of hunting of ancient people on giant sloths


Найдены доказательства охоты древних людей на гигантских ленивцевThe ancients have become one of the key reasons for the extinction of giant sloths that once lived on the territory of South America.

To such conclusion researchers from different countries, who have studied the remains of a giant sloth found in Argentina.

According to the study, which appeared in the pages of scientific publications Science Advances, one of the main reasons for the disappearance of megafauna was, along with climate change, the ancient people, which, as the analysis of bones, for example, the giant sloth, hunted these huge creatures.

“It is believed that the giant sloth, like other members of the megafauna became extinct mainly because that are unable to adapt to changing climate. This is both true and not true. The climate certainly played a very important role in the extinction of giant animals, but its contribution very significant, and made the people”, say the researchers.

The bones of a giant sloth, through which scientists have made the corresponding conclusion, was discovered in the Campo Laborde is known among paleontologists place in Argentina.

The animal whose bones were found and studied by scientists, killed ten and a half thousand years ago.

“Specifically, this young individual was killed by the men – this clearly indicated that the marks discovered on the bones. Man, as we see, has become one of the main reasons for the extinction of giant sloths and other such animals,” added the researchers.


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