Found another scheme of legal import “EuroBLECH” in Ukraine


Найдена еще одна схема легального ввоза "евроблях" в Украину Enterprising drivers again found a way to circumvent the law.

In Ukraine is gaining popularity new scheme of import of bonded cars of the European registration.

The gist of it is that the car supposedly performs the carriage of goods, which can be, for example, paper rolls. This scheme allows you to legally enter the country without paying taxes, while remaining out of reach for the points of the new laws 8487 and 8488.

The authors of the scheme found a loophole in the laws that reglamentary type of transport, transporting goods and trying to pass off as “kamioni” – car, who allegedly signed contracts with foreign companies for the transportation of goods.

The scheme of such imports is new but it has already imported the car.


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