Found a way to predict death


Найден способ предсказать смертьExperts examined the work of two genes.

New Zealand scientists have learned to predict the death of fruit flies Drosophila melanogaster-related circadian rhythms of molecular markers.

Experts from the University of Auckland is interested in the functioning of systems of fruit flies, which are responsible for circadian rhythms associated with sleep and waking changes in the intensity of biological processes.

Experts examined the work of two genes key to the “biological clock” of fruit flies, and found that four days before the death of the flies, the work of these genes was off the pace, increasing their activity. And this happened not only in adults, 50-day, flies, but much younger.

Meanwhile it is known that the correct mode of wakefulness and sleep and, as a consequence, correct circadian rhythms, can reduce the risk of cancer and increase the life expectancy of people, while wrong, can become the cause of age-related diseases.


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