Found a way to predict a person’s death


Найден способ предсказать смерть человекаThis type of cells help to heal wounds and to synthesize the components of the intercellular substance (matrix).

The scientists of the Salk Institute (USA) have developed a new method for the determination of biological age, which may not coincide with the chronological.

To do this, they determined the activity of key genes in the skin cells. The method will allow you to take measures to prevent premature death of the person, if the analysis will identify warning signs.

The researchers analyzed young and old connective tissue cells (dermal fibroblasts) taken from the skin 133 people aged 1-94 years. Scientists have used a technique called RNA sequencing, to search for biomarkers of aging that change with age.

RNA-sequencing allows you to set the sequence of nucleotides in molecules of RNA, which are the product of gene expression. Thus, the method allows to determine which genes are active in certain cells at a particular age. Scientists have applied machine learning algorithms to sort the data and to find biomarkers of aging. This method allowed to predict as fibroblasts approximate age of a person with an accuracy of eight years.

Analysis of fibroblasts taken from patients with progeria, which causes premature aging, showed that these patients about ten years older than his chronological age.


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