Found a way of creating garbage bags from food waste


Найден способ создания мусорных пакетов из пищевых отходов Unique technology solves two problems at once.

Researchers from the University of Borås in Sweden have developed a material that solves two problems – the dominance of plastic and food waste.

From waste oranges and other citrus, they created a material that resembles the properties of cellophane. It can be used for packaging dry food or as a package for garbage.

To create a film-like plastic, waste of oranges are crushed and turned into liquid slurry, which then hardens. From these raw materials you can also print more complex shapes on a 3D printer – in the long term it can be disposable cups and utensils.

While the resulting material is afraid of water and quickly decomposes after contact with her. But researchers believe that the technology will be able to finalize, and in 10 years one things out of the plastic you can find in stores.


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