Found a unique statuette of Venus age 23 thousand years


It is in excellent condition.

Ancient statuette of a female figure since the late Paleolithic (40-12 thousand years BC) was found in the area Renascor Amiens (Department of Picardy in Northern France).

According to scientists, this is an exceptional discovery, because the figurine is in excellent condition.

“Statue with a height of 4 cm refers to grebetskoy culture of the late Paleolithic. She’s 23 thousand years”, — stated in the message. It is noted that the age of Venus experts have determined through radiocarbon Dating.

In addition, next to the figure, the researchers found several clay fragments and remains of tools. The exact purpose of these instruments is still unknown, but according to archaeologists, this place could be a workshop, where local craftsmen made objects of worship.

After conducting additional research, the statue will be exhibited in the Museum of Picardy in Amiens.

Only in Europe was found about a hundred of these figures. Most of them — on the territory of modern Central Europe. 15 of them found in France, mainly in the South-Western part.

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Hrvatska culture — archaeological culture of late Paleolithic, Dating back to 28-21 thousand BCE Named after the cave of La Gravette in the Dordogne Department in southwest France, where in the 1930-ies were found stone tools and household items that characterize this era.


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