Found a simple way of dealing with space debris


Найден простой способ борьбы с космическим мусором Proper use of batteries of satellites will help to minimize the risk of explosion.

Space debris is already considered a huge problem, which prevents mankind to test in earth orbit.

The cause of the huge amount of waste are batteries, which are used in satellites and can explode due to the large stresses, mechanical damage and other factors.

According to the European space Agency ESA, the history has already occurred about 250 explosions of satellites, fragments of which still fly around the Earth. Details of blown up vehicles move with great speed and can cause damage to the structure of other satellites. Due to the presence of such risk, the ESA researchers decided to find out why batteries explode and to find solutions to problems.

To identify hazards are managed in the course of 200 trials, during which the various types of batteries were subjected to various influences that can lead to an explosion. Some of these batteries were new, and the other part is repeatedly recharged to simulate aging.

The test was conducted in vacuum space: researchers provoked short circuit, overheating and even imitated the impacts of space objects. The speed of space debris reaches a crazy 20 km/s, so scientists are unable to accurately simulate the collision. Instead, they “shot” at the battery of 0.8 mm debris, and larger particles with a diameter of 8 mm.

In the end they turned out almost identical power-on collision.

Tested ESA to understand how to minimize the explosions of batteries of decommissioned satellites. It turned out that the space agencies it is important to completely discharge the power sources of old machines and to disconnect the solar panel.

Also the design of the satellites must be designed so that items kept strictly defined temperature.


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