Found a previously unknown human ancestor


Найден ранее неизвестный предок человекаAncient population transferred some genes to modern humans.

Ancient people came out of Africa about 80 thousand years ago and settled in the territory of other continents. Sometimes they interbred with other hominids, Neanderthals and denisovans. Now, with the help of artificial intelligence, scientists have found signs that there was one “Ghost” population, which crossed the ancient people once left Africa.

The researchers used methods of deep machine learning for the analysis of ancient and modern genomes and found what they called “a third introgression”. According to the researchers, “Ghost population” was either the result of interbreeding of Neanderthals and the denisovans, or sooner separated from the line Denisovsky person. Scientists also point out that last year managed to detect the remains of a fossil of a girl who was a “hybrid” Neanderthal and Denisova that may be evidence in favor of their hypothesis.


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