Found a new fossil Albatross


Birds lived at 3-3. 4 million years ago in New Zealand.

Paleontologists from the Museum of New Zealand has described a new species of Albatross, which lived on the Earth at 3-3. 4 million years ago. It was significantly less than the currently existing members of the family, and probably ate only fish, reported the online edition of the with reference to

The almost complete skull of an Albatross were found in 2011. The new species was named Aldiomedes angustirostris, the length of its skull was 90% of the modern skulls of the smallest members of the family. Ancient Albatross was not like modern not only in size. He was unusually narrow beak, which is shaped like the beaks of sea birds hunting for fish. The diet of most modern types consists mainly of cephalopods.

Why the ancient albatrosses disappeared, researchers don’t know. Perhaps it was because could not withstand competition with other seabirds.


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