Found a giant crater with gravity anomaly


Найден гигантский кратер с гравитационной аномалиейIts diameter is estimated at 36 kilometers.

An international team of glaciologists using satellite imagery and scan found, presumably, impact crater under more than one and half kilometer layer of ice in Northwest Greenland.

About the discovery reported on its web site at Goddard (NASA). We will remind that earlier in Greenland under the glacier Hiawatha was found a crater almost perfectly circular with a diameter of 31 km.

The researchers continued scanning the area and about 180 kilometers away found another impact crater. He was more than the previous.

If these data are confirmed, then the object found is a 22-th place in the list of the largest impact craters discovered on Earth. The researchers used information obtained by Spectroradiometer Terra and Aqua satellites.

In addition, round shape under the ice managed to fix with the help of digital modeling in the system ArcticDEM. These data were obtained using commercial satellites. Discovered a crater hidden by a thicker layer of ice than in the crater Hiawatha, and its shape is not round, and “fuzzy”.

Scientists have recorded on the spot study of the gravitational anomaly, which is characteristic of impact craters. It has been established that neighbouring craters appeared not simultaneously, i.e. a double asteroid strike, not a speech.

Dating the age of the finds has not yet succeeded. Radar data and examination of cores showed that the age of ice in this region is not less than 79 thousand years.


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