Former state Duma Deputy is suing the developer of the apartment for $7 million in Florida


Экс-депутат Госдумы судится с застройщиком из-за квартиры за $7 млн во Флориде

Due to problems with the pipes, according to the plaintiff, in the rooms there was mold, and he and his family members have breathing problems.

Former state Duma Deputy Alexei Knyshov is suing the Builder for an apartment worth seven million dollars in Sunny Isles beach in South Florida. His life in her Knyshov and his family members describe the word “nightmare” and calls for leaking pipes and window of 360 thousand dollars.

According to the Miami Herald, in an apartment Knyshov moved in January of this year — by that time he already has voluntary resigned of the Deputy of the State Duma. Soon, the businessman found that a window in one of three rooms moisture, leaks and water damaged flooring. The man immediately appealed to the owners of the house, and they assured that they are already aware of the problem and will to solve it. But this, argues the plaintiff, did not happen.

Suddenly triggered the fire alarm continues Knyshov, once filled bedroom with black water, from which came “a disgusting smell”. Finally, a leaky pipe not only caused the mold, but breathing all the family members, in addition, people complained of problems breathing and burning eyes.

Representatives of the developer explained to the media that they are willing to remedy any deficiencies in the repair and installation of flat designs, but he Knyshov they were allegedly not allow myself to. As a result, as noted by the Miami Herald, the businessman and his family left housing.

Alexey Knyshov was elected to the State Duma of the sixth convocation in December 2011. But in August 2012 appeared in the media information about the real income Knyshova, and the materials it was alleged that he did not stop his business activities despite the direct legislative prohibition. October 19, Alexey Knyshov wrote a statement about the voluntary resignation of the Deputy, and five days later the state Duma practically without discussion stopped.


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