Former Deputy Kholmanskikh told about the “black hand” Sandakov


Бывший заместитель Холманских рассказал о "черной кассе" Сандакова

Ex-Deputy presidential envoy in the Urals Federal district, the political strategist Andrey Kolyadin addressed the January 31, Wednesday, in the trial of former Vice-Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Nikolai Sandakov. He said that “gray” funds in the region in the period when Sandakov supervised elections, really existed, the correspondent of “URA.RU”. Previously, the majority of witnesses in the case refused to admit the existence of “black cash”.

Andrew Kolyadina invited to the meeting of the defense Sandakov. The court said he was a freelancer, a consultant, and listed his position. According to Andrew Kolyadina, By Mykola Sandakova met in the summer of 2012 when he served as Deputy of the Ural envoy Igor Kholmanskikh. Sandakov at that time was the assistant to the Chelyabinsk Governor Mikhail Yurevich. “Sandakov participated as a technologist in the election campaigns to the state Duma in 2011 and presidential in 2012,” said the court koliadyn. He explained that, although he began to work in the Embassy since July 2012, and the election was early, about participation Sandakov learned when gathering information.

At the request of the lawyer Sergey Kolosovsky to clarify which segment responded his client, Kolyadin said that Sandakov engaged in support of the ruling party. The political strategist also said that in these election campaigns was used “gray”, i.e. informal Fund. “In the overwhelming cases at all levels such cash beyond what is spelled out in the election funds, there”, — said Andrey Kolyadin. The defence Nikolai Sandakov based on the fact that he has taken cash money from a former city Manager Evgenia Tarasova was used for election purposes in 2011 and 2012.


Almost all previously summoned to court witnesses, like former and current officials, and denied the existence of “black cash”, and Sandakov a leading role in these electoral processes. The question Kolosovsky, could these witnesses did not know about the involvement of his client in campaigns, Kolyadin noted that “if you do not know, it speaks to their incompetence”. The prosecuting attorney said Andrew Kolyadina: “If you went to work in the Embassy in July 2012, this means that the direct relationship to the previous elections did not have?”, “Was not”, — said the analyst. The Prosecutor proposed to call the name of him who was responsible for the collection of funds for elections in 2011 and 2012, Kolyadin has reported that this information had not.

“After the story by Sandgolem all became more careful, — said political consultant. But informal funds still left”. “Could Sandakov to assign elective means?”asked Sergey Kolosovsky. Andrey Kolyadin reported that the spending of such funds is very tough watch and it would immediately become known. About Nikolai Sandakov Andrey Kolyadin said as a highly professional political strategist: “I Heard about him when he worked in Astrakhan, and I in the administration of the President.” Part of the meeting turned into a lecture on the elections. Andrey Kolyadin told the court about how much responsibility lay on the governors. And also said that when Sergei Kiriyenko, presidential elections have become, finally, the democratic procedure.

The court Kolyadin touched upon the conflict between Nikolai and Sandakova Oleg Grachev, at that time the first Vice-the Governor. “The tension was. Sandakov young and promising, upward. And Grachev needed to keep the chair. But the policy region is not affected”, — he said, answering the question Kolosovsky. Lawyer this clarification was required to confirm hostile relations between Sandycove and Grachev, who previously played witness. The meeting also revealed the details of the conflict Mikhail Yurevich with the ex-chief of FSB By Igor Ahrameeva and former President of the court By Fyodor Vyatkin. It turned out that Yurevich wrote a complaint on them to the presidential administration. When it was leaked to the media, Kolyadin called on the parties to stop the war.

Nicholas Snedkov accused in three crimes — fraud (took money from former city Manager of Ozersk Evgenia Tarasova), a bribe in the form of services (free of armed security personal a cottage in the elite village Tarasova in exchange for victory chop in tenders), hacking into email local political official.


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