Forests mean to us more than we realize — FAO


Леса значат для нас больше, чем мы осознаем — ФАО

Forest — guardian angels for more than a billion people, providing food, medicines and fuel to all those who have no other access to these resources. They fit more than three quarters of all land of the world’s biodiversity, they provide shelter for many of the most needy people of the world.

Forests play a key role in our lives that we don’t even realize.

Forest – the real food markets. Almost 50% of all food we food fruits come from trees, not to mention the nuts or spices, we also extracted from these food baskets.

Some communities earn their living almost exclusively in the forest. According to FAO, about 40% of the most needy rural population – about 250 million people live in forests and in savannas. Their communities live forests and trees is salvation, and insurance against hunger.

Forests provide a considerable amount of drinking water for more than a third of the world’s largest cities, including new York and Mumbai, reports “КазахЗерно.kz”. Many rivers and streams originate in the forests. The trees act as filters and provide us with vital clean water.

About a third of the world’s population uses wood as an energy source. Wood from the forest supplies about 40% of the global renewable energy the same as solar, hydroelectric and wind power combined.

Forest — the real heroes in the fight against climate change. They make cities more sustainable, cooling the air naturally and eliminating contaminants. They struggle with land degradation are the loss of biodiversity, providing habitat for flora and fauna.

Forests act as sinks, absorbing annually about 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. However, when the trees are cut down, they release this carbon dioxide back into the air. As it turns out, deforestation is the second leading cause of climate change after the combustion of fossil fuels. It produces nearly 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions, more than the entire transport sector of the world.



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