Ford will begin to make lights from coffee husks.


Ford and McDonald’s have developed a plastic from coffee husks.

In the US, Ford and McDonald’s have developed and launched a joint project for the production of polymer composites of husks of coffee beans, which are obtained when roasting. The resulting material carmaker is going to use to create a automobile elements and interior details.

The engineers of the automotive companies conducted a study and found that coffee husk is an excellent material for reinforcement of plastics. Besides striking in the simplicity of the technology: raw material in a special nizkokaloriynoe environment is heated to a high temperature, mixed with special additives and receive granules, which can be used in the manufacture of parts.

Composite of coffee suitable for housings headlights, interior and engine compartment. Ford notes that such “coffee” items by 25 percent lighter than conventional, and their manufacture requires 20 percent less energy.

To supply raw materials to the auto giant will be a McDonald’s.

Before coffee husks thrown out.


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