Ford cleans up with sales of the popular crossover


Ford убирает с продажи популярный кроссоверThe model was the sales leader last year.

Ford is going to replace the crossover Edge in the European market seven-seater model Kuga.

The decision to remove the Edge from Europe due to low popularity of the model. Last year, SUVs accounted for 35% of total sales in Europe. Model Kuga was the sales leader Ford with the figure girls 153542 instance, followed by the EcoSport small SUV, which rose 78 percent to 111 856 units. On the other hand, mid-size SUV Edge failed sales volume in 2018 was only 9 527, which is 41% lower than in 2017.

Ford is working on several new SUVs, including the expected replacement of the EcoSport, which will be released at the end of this year, while a new generation of the Kuga will hit the market after the Escape, scheduled to release in the US in 2019. It is expected the seven-seat variant of the Kuga, which should replace the Edge in Europe.

In the future, Ford will bring to market at least two SUV’s. We are talking about the SUV, which will revive the Bronco name, but also about the electric crossover with looks borrowed from the sports car Mustang.

“Ford finally increases its European offers SUV after probably late to this party,” said Tim Urquhart, principal analyst IHS Automotive, in an interview with Automotive News Europe.

Thus, according to analysts, Ford is losing money not only on the road Edge, but also on their underlying models – the Fiesta and Focus small car compact. However, these cars from the market to clean not solved: instead, began another round of spending cuts, including the reduction of thousands of jobs.


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