Ford and Google have shown drivers what not to do behind the wheel


Ford и Google показали водителям, чего не стоит делать за рулемThe creators told about the consequences of phone use behind the wheel.

The use of gadgets behind the wheel is dangerous.

In recent years, dramatically increased the number of accidents due to distraction of drivers on smartphones and social networks.

British Institute of professional driving conducted a study and even in 2015, found that the vast majority of motorists using mobile while driving. And not only talk but also take photos and even watch videos. Ford and Google have decided to show what are the consequences of such behavior. Together they have created an app Ford Reality Check for virtual reality glasses.

The app shows the case when the driver arrives to pick up friends for a party. On the way he writes messages on the phone and even taking a selfie. At this time there are various emergency situations with unfortunate outcomes. The role the smartphone plays a small console: pressing the button activates one of the scenarios. The app is intended to show that even the slightest distraction from the road can lead to accidents.


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