For traveler: things not to do in Nepal. Photo


Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. ФотоIt has its own rules.

How to survive in the transport traffic in Kathmandu is not goof for shopping at city market.

To drink unboiled water

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

Outstanding unsanitary Nepal should follow a simple but important rule of personal hygiene: do not drink any water except bottled or at least boiled. Even a person with a healthy gastrointestinal tract is not immune from the attacks of the local bacteria living in and in the spring water, and then the attack of diarrhea is another health option. Buy hand sanitizer, use a private flask, and wash your hands and fruits and vegetables before eating.

To go to the mountain without the Sherpas

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

In the Nepalese mountains every year people die at the end of the spring season 2017, the number of death toll on Everest made up of ten people, in all, over the last 25 years is the highest peak of the world took the lives of over 200 climbers. The causes of the tragedy become as natural disasters and lack the experience and training of ascendant. And if suddenly the avalanche came down no one will save, then prepare the equipment and to help in climbing can Sherpas — mountain people for decades doing stuff that raises and lowers in the mountains for heavy loads. Guides visitors much better know the mountain trails and the usual loads on top.

Ignore the bandage on the face

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

sdaha the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. A short trip on the bike, you can safely go to wash, to clean the skin from grey haze, and my eyes and nose from lumps of settled dirt, and well, if without asthma attack. So be sure to wear a bandanna or protective mask on the face. The head also should preferably be covered with a scarf or hat, so as not to unravel then dirty hair. (Do not take into account areas with a good environment, which is extremely small, for example Pokhara.)

Trust everyone you meet Baba

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

A woman can simply call a respected person, but usually in the vernacular, the so-called sadhu. In Hinduism, sadhu — ascetics, saints, yogis who have renounced the material world in favor of spiritual life. To become a sadhu is not easy — need to officially go through three stages of spiritual development, full of service to his divinity, austerity and meditation. Women sitting on the streets in droves, Smoking marijuana, and in the evening drinking alcohol, a little like the saints. They are easy to find on the clothing of ochre and painted faces. With such, pseudocode, but in fact with the usual beggars, should be careful not to take their predictions, prayers, curses, and just the stories at face value. Don’t give them money, don’t show valuables, don’t smoke or drink with them.

Not respect the feelings of believers

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

Religious Nepal are Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics and Muslims. Most of the inhabitants are Buddhists, and religion is an important part of life of every Nepalese, so check in advance the rules of visiting religious buildings. So, a flagrant violation will bypass Buddhist stupa counterclockwise to go to the temple, not razuvious. Also not allowed to touch the praying people and their offerings, and the monks are not available for touching women.

Immodest dress

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

First of all it concerns the fair sex. Due to causing outfits, short skirts and shorts local can take you for a girl of easy virtue that, in addition to people’s condemnation, can be fraught with attacks in the dark. Nepal is not the best place for candid shows, so much easier just to have a practical and comfortable clothes according to the season: jeans with a hoodie or sweater, jacket, shoes or sneakers. Winter can not do without warm jackets, warm socks, scarf and gloves. The Nepalese themselves are never publicly bare body even in hot weather. With the exception of religious ceremonies with bathing, for example, in the Shaivite temple of Pashupatinath.

To ride without a helmet and a special license

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

The most convenient way to travel around the country — a scooter or motorbike, which are easy to rent. International law received in his own country, to rescue you within 15 days, and then you must buy a local licence to drive transport. However, verification of documents occur infrequently, but the chances of being stopped without a motorcycle helmet is equal to 90 out of 100. And even local never travel without wearing a helmet.

To buy without bargaining

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

Nepal is a poor country, and the white tourists here look very wealthy. Be prepared for the fact that “white bag of money” will try to Eviscerate all and Sundry. Buying anything on the streets and the markets, feel free to ask the seller to lower the price two times, because the wrap for your person can be 100%! Bargaining is sometimes appropriate, even in the shop with fixed prices (MRP). The arguments you will learn to pick up with experience. The most simple is to say that in the next shop this product cheaper, find some obvious defect or non-obvious things (which you, so be ready to buy if yield cheaper) or to pretend that you’re leaving — clearly dissatisfied with the cost. The farther from the tourist area Thamel, the sellers are becoming more accommodating, and the price is nicer.

To buy fake

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

Nepal is famous for low prices on name brand sports clothes and equipment, but beware: cheap imitations in the markets of Thamel in Kathmandu or Lakeside in Pokhara can be of low quality. You will be offered The North Face, Marmot, Arcterix, Gore-Tex, Salewa, Lowe Alpine, but most of market brands are sewn in a neighboring yard, quickly wear out, losing color and shape. Therefore, strategically important in tracking things down jacket, a jacket, shoes, backpack recommend buying the original and in specialty store. Thermal underwear, sleeping bag, stick, pants can be taken in the market, but be prepared to go for these shopping again for the next tracking.

Not to do in advance of vaccination

Туристу на заметку: вещи, которые нельзя делать в Непале. Фото

About insurance and the availability of vaccinations at entry to Nepal you will not be asked, but about their own safety to take care of is exactly. It is recommended to protect yourself against hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus and polio. In southern areas there is a risk of Contracting Japanese encephalitis and malaria.


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