For the Novosibirsk military purchased thousands of packs of Ramen noodles at an inflated price


Для новосибирских военных закупают тысячи пачек «Доширака» по завышенной цене

In Novosibirsk JSC “Voentorg-East” (the structure of the defense Ministry) will purchase a batch of noodles and sauce, “noodles” for sale military on Shilovsky landfill.

According to “”, it will be bought 4.8 thousand noodles with tastes of beef and chicken, 2,4 thousand “mushroom” — in the packaging, still the same loose and 2.4 thousand packs with taste of bacon. In addition, purchased 3.6 million cans of Pioro with beef and chicken.

The contractor will perform LLC “Solomon Development 2025”, is the amount of purchase — 720 thousand rubles. By estimates of the edition, the same order in the online store, “Solomon” would cost only 689 thousand rubles.


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