For the MiG-21 called in India “the Flying coffin”


За что МиГ-21 прозвали в Индии «Летающим гробом»

India has lost about 480 MiG-21 of various modifications, 200 pilots and 40 other people in the crash, why the fighter nicknamed the “flying coffin,” the newspaper writes My Nation. Translation published by the new York times.

За что МиГ-21 прозвали в Индии «Летающим гробом»

MiG-21UPG Bison .Photo:

Now Indian air force is in service with 113 MiG-21 from 1963 to serve in the Military-air forces of the country received 1,200 fighters of this model.

In time of war was lost relatively few fighters of this model is 135 units. According to the Ministry of defence, most — 63 machine — India lost in 1971 during the war of independence of Bangladesh. This is followed by the 1965 war with Pakistan — 50 aircraft, and the Kargil war two.

In peace-time disasters happened more: according to the Council of States, 1971-72 years of the 872 MiGs, which acquired the Indian air force, about 380 crashed. It was originally planned to decommission the MiG-21 in the mid-80s, but raised them to the level of “Buffalo”: is equipped with a powerful multi-mode radar, improved avionics and communication systems.

Overall, of all 1050 of aircraft accidents in the Indian air force fell to 480 different versions of the MiGs.

By the way, in India the first place in the causes of accidents keep human factor and technical problems: respectively 39% and 39.5% per 1000 accidents.

According to government data, between 2007 and 2013 34 MiG got into an accident or crashed. From April 1999 to 31 March 2004 76 crashed MiGs, killing 35 pilots and five civilians.

In the end, due to the large number of accidents of MiG-21 in India was nicknamed the “flying coffin” and “widow”.
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