For the largest meteor shower will monitor 16 cameras


За крупнейшим метеорным потоком будут следить 16 камер On-site Arizona crater will undertake the installation of 16 cameras.

Fans of interesting astronomical events will receive a real gift from the American scientists.

On-site Arizona crater will undertake the installation of 16 cameras, which will connect the Lowell Observatory and telescope from the University of Embry-riddle. According to the head of the project, nick Moskowitz, the goal is not only to help the fans of cosmic phenomena, but also to make the discovery of new meteor showers, as well as to understand how meteors, asteroids and comets are linked.

Shooting the meteor shower the Perseids will include surveillance of the where drops every large celestial stone. The camera is very sensitive, with special analyzers, which will not allow to miss even a second of the spectacle. It should be noted that the Perseids is not only a beautiful astronomical phenomenon, but also a future threat for mankind in the future.

If the comet swift-Tuttle, which is the progenitor of the stream, one will burn so that the Earth has enough strength to attract, will get more power than from a collision with Chixulub that destroyed the ancient dinosaurs.


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