For the first time, cured a deadly cancer


Впервые излечена смертельная стадия ракаAmerican developers have created a new type of immunotherapy.

The journal Nature Medicine revealed details of the unique work of American molecular biologists from the National Institute of cancer research in Bethesda, which for the first time in the history of medicine were able to force the immune system to completely destroy the breast cancer tumor and metastases. This was possible thanks to the scientists developed a method of “reprogramming” the immune cells of the body.

American developers have created a new type of immunotherapy, is able to deal with aggressive forms of breast cancer, which gave a brilliant result in experimental use. This treatment was tested on 49-year-old patient oncologists, who suffered from breast cancer, which was not helped by chemotherapy and surgery. The result of the experiment is that at the moment the patient lived for 2.5 years and so far no signs of recurrence of the disease is not observed.

Scientists were able to create an injectable drug, which contained antibodies to the gene PD-1, inhibiting the immune system in its attempts to recognize and destroy foreign and dangerous components. In addition, they determined which of lymphocytes (they play a key role in immunity) in the body and their trust was responsible for the recognition of cancer cells, we expand them in the laboratory and introduced into the body of the patient.

Due to immune cells started to attack the tumor as aggressively. A similar treatment algorithm has proven to be extremely effective and made it possible to achieve reduction in size of all tumors in a woman’s body, and then of their disappearance – and the subsequent disappearance of metastases. By the 48th week all traces of the cancer completely disappeared from the body of the patient, the report said experts.

“A week later, after the introduction of the cells I physically felt like a tumor in my chest reduced in size,” he told the doctors saved the patient in interview Bi-bi-si.

According to experts, this case gives hope that other patients with this form of cancer will be able to defeat it using its own immune system.


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