For the first three weeks of July the quotations of sugar fell sharply


За первые три недели июля котировки сахара резко снизились

Quotes cocoa, coffee and sugar spread on the move in different directions. Cocoa prices, after falling the day before, from June 28 — July 19, rose, and the stock of coffee and sugar, on the contrary declined, after rising in June. Particularly badly failed sugar – more than 8% drop, coffee fell more moderately.

Cocoa prices during the first two weeks of July increased from the first to 2463 2425 dollars per ton, and then to 2503 dollars per ton. But then from 12 to 19 July they returned back to 2467 dollars per ton.

Dynamics of the coffee was similar to a pendulum. From 28 June to 5 July coffee rose from 1,0945 up to 1,111 USD per pound, then dropped to 1,0665 dollar per pound, and again increased to 1,073 USD per pound.

The sugar rates by far were falling the entire period from 28 June to 19 July. For the first week, they fell from 0,1262 to 0,1236 dollar per pound for the second slid to 0,123 dollar per pound, and the third fell more sharply to 0,1159 dollar per pound.

In a result of coffee decreased from 28 June to 19 July on the ICE futures exchange cocoa prices increased from 2425 to 2467 dollars per ton or 1.7%, quotes 1,0945 up to 1,073 USD per pound or 2%, and the sugar rates fell from 0,1262 to 0,1159 dollars per pound or 8.2% — the “КазахЗерно.kz”.

In June, cocoa prices, coffee, and sugar all rose together, but at different heights. More dramatically, dynamically and bi-directional moving of coffee. At first he declined, but in the second half of the month more than recovered the cost above $ 1 per pound. Cocoa prices rose in June, about the same proportion as in may. The sugar rates have greatly increased growth.

In early June, the stock of coffee on the ICE again broke down beyond $ 1 a pound. It may after a significant growth of more than 15%. The quotes cocoa and sugar continue the journey up in extreme dynamics. The greatest way up sugar almost 7%. To a lesser extent, but also significantly increased cocoa prices. Two weeks in a row cocoa and sugar growing, and coffee fell.

In the second half of June quotations tropical products and sugar have changed their trends. Quotes of cocoa and sugar, after rising in the beginning of the month, went down in about the same dynamics. But the stock of coffee after the failure of more than recovered the cost started month and again came up beyond the one dollar per pound. But within two weeks of change of prices of cocoa and sugar was going smoothly.

As a result, in June on the ICE futures exchange cocoa prices fell from 2400 to 2425 dollars per ton or 1%, the stock of coffee rose from 1,046 to 1,0945 dollars per pound, or 4.6%, and the sugar rates increased from 0,121 to 0,1262 dollar per pound, or 4.2%.


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