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Attitude to money has changed.

In 1899 the American economist Veblen called performance luxury silver spoons and corsets. Several decades later, these tokens have become pompous mansions and frilly outfits. But now people of great status to show the status in very different ways, reports the with reference on the ADMA.

We decided to perform the changes on the elite and its habits in recent years and why it happened.

Lifestyle of the rich has changed, when he grew up the world economy. The middle class has started to earn more and started to afford branded clothes, diamonds, expensive cars and houses, although it is increasingly purchased on credit. In the result, the border between the rich and the middle class began to fade, so most wealthy people now refuse wealth and invest in the intangible.

Pay special attention to health and lead healthy lifestyles

Vogue magazine has named health as a symbol of luxury. Millionaires understand this and are investing heavily to extend life and improve its quality. They follow a strict regime, lead an active lifestyle, eat organic food, examined from the best doctors and buy expensive medical care for their children.

While the rich spend relatively little on cosmetic procedures and do not abuse plastic counting that face and body should look natural. The cream of the crop going to the gym and eat for lunch the chicken is free-range, and elite alcohol, cigars, and loud parties are not interested in them anymore and are indicative of luxury.

Invest in education more and more every year

Someone thinks that children from wealthy families do not need to lean on science or to understand the rules of doing business — they can live comfortably, even if you have a lifetime to bask in the sun at the beach. But the modern millionaires do not think so and are investing in the education of their children enormous funds: in 2014, 1 % of the richest people spent on education is 860 % higher than the U.S. national average. And since 1995, the cost of tuition the 1% have grown by 3.5 times, while the cost of the middle class remained unchanged. The rich take their children to elite schools and hiring expensive Tutors and pay hundreds of thousands for a College education.

In addition, wealthy people spend money for education and for myself, studying languages and attending courses. So they are increasing their cultural capital, and his children, and rise above the less wealthy classes who can’t afford such spending.

Increasingly abandoning the expensive brands in favor of simple clothing

In our days held rich people do not strive to show others their superiority by wearing flashy things luxury brands. Most billionaires is inconspicuous cheap clothes. Remember Zuckerberg and his grey t-shirt. Popular Elon Musk isn’t too concerned with their own appearance and in everyday life prefers a capsule wardrobe. Their example was followed by even actors and singers who are not ashamed to wear cheap stuff not only walking, but also for events. So Jennifer Lopez may appear in public in a dress ASOS cost about $ 60. And Kate Middleton often wears things Zara.

Not flaunt their wealth, preferring the privacy and security of

If you recently decided to boast and to show off their wealth, now billionaires prefer to hide their wealth from prying eyes. The first factor was the desire to protect yourself and your family from attacks of enemies or simply the curious. The second public attention to inequality between population groups, which some members of the elite feel guilty and prefer to hide their condition and to abandon the excessive luxury.

At the same time, this closed way of life is worth a lot of money: wealthy people surround themselves with guards, and their homes high fences and CCTV cameras, they are building underground shelters and buying residences in the expensive neighborhoods that do not appear in Google Street View.

Rarely wear luxury jewelry

Even Hollywood stars who need to Shine on the red carpets, are increasingly abandoning the expensive diamonds, not only in everyday life but also at events.

For example, Kim Kardashian changed his views after the robbery in 2016. Then, at gunpoint, the attackers took off with her jewelry worth $ 10 million Now, the socialite became cautious and as she admits, less materialistic. And the richest man bill gates wears a watch for $ 10 and prefer to invest in other, more important things.

Traveling, appreciate the secrecy and originality

The opportunity to see the world was once the prerogative of wealthy aristocrats. Now this luxury is affordable and the middle class. So rich brought travel to a new level: they prefer to visit dangerous exotic corners of the Earth with a personal guide or taking the children on educational tour of the Galapagos Islands.

Wealthy people travel serve two purposes: uniqueness and security. Both are expensive: you have to spend huge sums on security and privacy, fly in private jets or rent them. So, take the plane for a flight from new York to Los Angeles one-way is $ 25 thousand rent a yacht far from the looks of paparazzi and curious eyes also popular — this holiday prefers Rihanna.

Retire in his Prime

These days it has developed a cult of early retirement, but, unfortunately, this little. Therefore, renouncing excessive wealth, the elite has set aside funds for a comfortable secure old age. To be able to retire at 40-50 years, while continuing to live their lifestyle — that’s a real luxury to strive for representatives of the middle class.

For example, in 2018, the information appeared that 45-year-old Cameron Diaz leaves the cinema, to devote himself to the family. And although the actress has not confirmed the rumors, for several years, it is not removed and rarely appears at events.

Buy experiences, not things

Now, even among ordinary people there is a tendency to abandon consumerism in favor of impressions, knowledge and experience. And millionaires to fully implement this way of life. They are willing to pay to get a unique experience and an unforgettable experience unavailable to the less affluent classes. So some are planning an expedition into space at a cost of $ 250 thousand, while others have been climbing, diving, and get my pilot’s license, and someone pays money for a personal statement and an audience of idol.

For example, John Travolta got his pilot’s licence and has several private jets.

Value time and not waste it

The elite have all the tools to use this resource wisely. The current rich people don’t lie for weeks on the soft bed or the sun loungers by the sea — they get an education, play sports, travel, work and develop new projects. Even wives of billionaires in the modern world, ashamed of the humble role of housewife and try to realize themselves in something other than motherhood. Idleness is no longer a symbol of wealth and, in principle, not approved by society.

For example, Ivanka trump was born in a wealthy family and married a millionaire. However, she doesn’t want to settle for the role of wife and mother of three children and is actively working in politics.

Summing up, it can be argued that conspicuous consumption now is not welcome and is not typical of the elites: they do not boast of wealth and do not spend money on material things. In our days the price is immaterial, and good or bad — you decide.


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