For life – the!


Для жизни - непригодно!

When I lived in Moscow, I was adamant that we live the country with a “temperate climate”, and that countries with such a climate a lot: almost all of Europe, Canada, and the United States….

When I lived in Moscow, I was adamant that the window vary four seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and each of them lasts three month.

When I lived in Moscow, I was surprised when I read in the literature about the “harsh Russian climate” and I remember I was very surprised when one of the novels of Dumas Russian were called “northerners”.

What nafig, “northerners” if Moscow is in the middle lane, about that written in any textbook. Here’s some North-Irish-those Yes, northerners, and we, Muscovites live in a normal middle lane. What nafik, “the harsh Russian climate,” okay I could have written “Siberian”, although in Siberia, people normally live….

And then I left Russia.

To me, though not immediately realized, what is “normal climate”. And, though I immediately began to understand what is actually different between “seasons”.

And I finally got around to looking at the map and saw the capital “of Northern Ireland” Belfast lies to the South of Moscow and the snow was not the case at all. That “North” Copenhagen lies on the latitude of Moscow, and that where snow falls every year. “Snowy Canada” snow only by the standards of new Yorkers, perceiving a “white” Christmas, like a miracle. And three or four crops of potatoes a year-it is just not a miracle, but the norm in the vast majority of countries in the world.

Now I do know what real winter in Moscow lasts three months, and seven that the real summer lasts only one month, from mid-July to mid-August and in some years, the autumn is coming already in early August, reducing the duration of the summer up to two weeks a year.

And that the main part of Russia’s population lives in areas where the climate is not “moderate”, and “unfit for a normal life.”

And that all their resources are spent not on development but for survival. Because I love to take resources from neighbors.

That is why for the past centuries all jerks forward Russia and all attempts to be among the civilized countries over indispensable zilch.

I do not know why the ancestors of the Russians settled in these unfit for normal life of the territories. Probably escaped from some terrible enemies, and hoped that those in these terrible places do not turn up.

The calculation was correct. But those terrible enemies already in sight there, and what were their names nobody remembers, and the Russians understand intuitively that the only reasonable explanation of why they live here, is the presence of a terrifying external enemy. Here and looking for enemies everywhere and feel comfortable, only if you find them.

The comments to this post are open. Happy to hear opinion about it all, except the Russians. Not because I consider him as something hostile or dismissive, but because they know in advance what they will say. I know because I was once like them and thought the same as they are now, I think. For me it passed stage and listen to all this nonsense again, I have no desire to.


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