For Indian quarry explosion: 11 dead


На индийской каменоломне прогремел взрыв: 11 погибшихIn the quarry in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, an explosion occurred, causing 11 people were killed and another 4 injured.

It is reported Xinhua citing local authorities, reports UNN.

“On the eve of the inside of the pit explosion in which 11 workers were killed and four were wounded and are in critical condition. This happened due to detonation of nitroglycerin the pieces used for subversive work”, – said the official of the local administration.

The incident occurred on Friday evening inside a quarry of granite in the village Alura-Mandal Kurnul district, approximately 412 km South-West of Amaravathi. According to eyewitnesses, explosion sounds heard in the neighboring villages. In some houses there were cracks.


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