For burbot in the winter


Under the bottom of the tent and in autumn and winter usually puts a first pole, and then spruce or pine spruce branches.

Forms an air cushion between the frozen earth and our bodies, and spruce branches else and springy, like a bed mattress. It is still a tourist Mat, and better scented some hay or dry grass-reeds from the shore.

But over time, the bottom of the tent had to be removed. Like it or protect the floor from burning embers, still some tries to fall out of the stove like a shot. And then there’s a chance that I Wake up in the smoke and fire.

And broke up the long-suffering tent with a bottom. But without it a flooring of poles and spruce branches was cozy and warm floors.

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After all the main troubles with the tent is the last bar to throw the edges of the snow to do not get cold from the bottom. Now housing will be warm and cozy.

All… the Tent is, it already buzzing on the stove. Drinking a Cup of tea, look into the Kahn with live bait. Some are still alive and vigorous, but because too many of them for the volume of Caen, a part of them was all over.

In the afternoon we caught under the bushes in the maelstrom of small roach and ruffe. Sorajak of roaches there planted on tees zherlits. And by nine a.m. it was already burning the first check boxes.

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Pike took on the Plyos right after the turn. Jet beat the opposite shore, and under our, sand, the current was back and wide. Here and kept the pike.

The day we caught four fish and a half-two kilograms.

The fact that the drowning live bait — no problem. Most importantly, it has a fresh smell. And burbot willingly takes on a drowning fish, and cut into slices. But capricious to the fish, beliavskaya in the freezer to a state of rags, smelling of refrigerator, that is, anything but fish.
– Well, Sergey, for the ice? — undertake Kan.
– Let’s go dark soon — and reluctantly meets comrade, pregrevica around the campfire.

We dropped into a snow drift near the shore, go out on the ice. The sky has already fallen on the forest. Only a faint evening glow was visible beyond the edge of the oil.

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Br-R, — uncomfortable cold night in the middle of the river, but look back — flashes of fire in the snow and the warm glow of a homemade “lamp” through the thin tarp of the tent. And from this small of a flame, emphasizing the authenticity of the housing, is also warming to the soul. There is much to come back with a chill in the evening made itself felt.

The day was quiet thaw with the dim sun, and it seemed that the cold is not coming.

While fiddling with the frozen hole, suddenly became light on the ice. Finally… the Edge of the moon appeared above the battlements of the gloomy spruce forest, and that was enough to all around was flooded with soft yet ghostly light. You will not need to put the oil lamp, the lamps have holes for lighting gear.

Without visual perception the bite somehow boring just to wait and then go at random and test the imitation fish.

So we are part of the most popular Gerlich, where, apparently, passes the burbot trail, which is illuminated by lamps from pharmacy vesicles, where diesel fuel is poured with salt. Why the salt?

Knowledgeable people are advised, they say, so burning is safer not to explode. Don’t know what the salt and whether salt, but explosions Solarium, indeed, never was.

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To the light not extinguished by the wind, cover the fixtures with caps made from cut plastic bottles. Though they are singed and blackened, but not immediately.

But today you can see everything in the moonlight. Of course, a tent is unlikely to be a significant rise of the checkbox in the far Gerlich, but we put small bells that is attached to the spring box.


Photo: Alexander Tokarev.

Click skid spring, leap, and thin, but loud in the silence of the night heard the bell. Now you will not have to look for an analogy with the voice of night birds.

Now they are silent. It’s not spring night in April, when everything boils and rages in calling the power of love.
So… Pike grip over hours in two days, but it is clear that the tag of one of Gerlich lifted and rocking on the imitation fish movement under the hole.

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For burbot it is too early in time. Who is it attacked the bait?

We approach cautiously to the hole. Coil empty. No coil of fishing line in her left. You can safely check. Grasp, apparently, was quite a long time. The trouble with the tent is not seen rise of the checkbox.

Tear from bottom of live weight on the line and vyvazhivaete fish resting under the ice. There! Throw without hook a small pike. She is spinning on snow and sbyvaetsja in a springy ring. Then abruptly and evil pushes the damp snow around him, rustling through the tail.

– Sasha, but she is dead Bursch took, — says Sergey. — You are on the imitation fish set specifically for burbot a drowning fish. I remember exactly this imitation fish. Look at the birch tree on the shore landmark.

– Like, not a fan of it to eat carrion. Oh, I understand… there is just the edge of the pit, for no return, and the jet draws along the reach. She played for. No other way to explain it.

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But on this forest river happens every. I remember in one of the springs normal zakidushka was running by ground, the hook of which was a drowning Bursch. Pike lacked the lifeless fish as soon as I started to choose the line zakidushki on the shore. And so — over and over again. Here, apparently, the same story.

Cleaned the wells, which was imitation fish, overgrown young Ledkov and went to the tent to drink tea and cook postavki. It is quite simple to tackle.

The stick across the hole and attached to her main line, at the end of which a sinker is attached and a pair of leashes with hooks or doubles, looking for some bait. On a large single hook typically take the lobe of hearts, and double is it better to fasten the bait fish, drowning fish or cutting — the same fish, but sliced.

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Postavki usually put where you can’t see gear or even on a nearby Motel around the corner. That is to say, to strengthen the contingent of gear, for more domicilios.

And sometimes on one ples two anglers simply do not fit with their gear, especially if company came for burbot. But it happens not often. Not all attracted to the romance of night fishing…

Finally all the gear ready. You can return to the warm tent, drink tea and hear the news from the receiver. Although better music than the news…

Before the release of burbot there is still time. Before nine o’clock and not to wait, and now only eight, we will have time to bask and soak in the warmth by the stove.

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Was just about to leave, and next to us gently snapped the box and rocked in the silver light of the moon… Red, and now, at night, the black half of the coil turned and quietly began to turn, just stopping and moving on. We are waiting for. If it is a burbot, you have to give him time to safely took.

Soon the coil is stopped. Fishing line on it less now than pike. I limited the length of the elastic band, put on the coil. Otherwise, the branch will lead, mustachioed.

Come to the imitation fish. Take the fishing line and feel upolstry severity, reluctantly coming off from the bottom. Bait just in case and pull black in the moonlight, burbot and drop it from the hole, but fish, wriggling snake, slithered back, just toward the hole.

Good, though not a giant! In the hands of not hold. Elastic muscles like pushing your palms and slippery body easily slips out, like it or squeeze the fish in his hands. The first tonight came before. Apparently starved during their winter spawning…

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The night stretched quiet and sleepy, interrupted the barely audible ring of the bell, our gambling impulse to go to the Gerlich and postavkam.

Surprisingly, burbot this time and took in the morning, when the sun rose.
From under-ice burbot other habits…


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