For 6 years, not a single spy: the Czech President criticized the intelligence


За 6 лет ни одного шпиона: президент Чехии раскритиковал разведкуMilos Zeman is dissatisfied with the report of the intelligence services.

Czech President Milos Zeman said that the counterintelligence service of the country by BIS in its annual report did not provide evidence of the presence of Russian or Chinese spies in the country.

This writes the České noviny.

The BIS report said that two separate attacks on the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic last year was partly the work of the hacker group APT28, which is associated with the Russian government. The report warned that Russia continues to use illegal scouts, including serving on a diplomatic basis. It also says that the Russians are trying to help the nominees to get access to state orders the strategic importance of the Czech Republic and are engaged in economic espionage.

Zeman noted that he read the non-public portion of these reports, but have not seen concrete evidence. “I hope that will not reveal state secrets, except the secrets about the inability of BIS to say that for six years has no concrete evidence that would point to a Russian or Chinese spy,” said the President.

According to him, BIS urges the public to its usefulness, as it is a way to maintain or increase your budget.

“So when they say that there is teeming with Russian and Chinese spies, at a time when for six years failed to catch a single spy this is nonsense, but insufficiently informed people is quite convincing,” said Zeman.

The President also said that BIS failed to disclose any Islamic terrorists on the Czech territory although the police service and other agencies said about their existence.

The Czech government intends to discuss the information published in the report of the secret service for 2017 at a separate meeting in January next year, said Prime Minister Andrew Babish.


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