Foods from fast foods can cause two serious diseases


Продукты из фаст-фудов могут спровоцировать два серьезных заболеванияDoctors once again mentioned about the danger of eating meals from fast foods.

Everyone knows that fast food is the junk food, which doctors are forbidden to eat even occasionally, not to mention constant use. Meals from fast food contain a lot of sugar, fat, carcinogens, preservatives, salt, and respectively, calories. Nothing to do with the health of these products do not have, but for some reason the vast majority of people ignore the recommendations of doctors, regularly eating in fast foods and nourishing their children there.

Fast food leads to obesity and cancer

High calorie foods from fast foods contributes to the collection of excess body weight. Probably many have noticed that lately children have become more likely to encounter such problems as obesity and cellulite than before. The reason for this is the fact that modern parents choose the easy way out and feed their children junk food instead of homemade food that is prepared themselves.

People are motivated by delusion – in Burger, Dehner, Shawarma and other fast gudovskih the food is all healthy – meat, fresh vegetables, greens, lavash or bagel. But forget about sauces, mayonnaise, French fries, plenty of salt, processed cheese, and so forth, in which at least useful.

Naturally, such a power, especially if it is regular, the person starts to gain weight and he will have cellulite. And due to the carcinogenic fats that are contained in the chops to burgers and other sandwiches, cheese and meat, and sausage for pizza and other foods in the body appear the cancer cells.

Food from fast food provokes the development of asthma and autism

Scientists from America were able to identify that the meat and grain products sold in fast-food, contains phthalates, which are in the fragrances and nail polishes, and household chemicals. They get on these products from the surface of the packs, which are sold.

As it turned out, phthalates are very dangerous for health. These substances not only cause hormonal disruptions, against which the person is gaining weight and has trouble with mood, but also contributes to the development of such diseases as autism in children. Besides, phthalates adversely affect the respiratory system of the body and can trigger the development of asthma.

You need to think 100 times before to eat or to dine in fast food, because harmful substances are practically not excreted from the body, destroying it from the inside.


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