Foods and drinks that will help you sleep


Продукты и напитки, которые помогут заснуть

Experts published a list of foods and beverages that can help fall asleep easily and effectiveness of which is proven in scientific experiments.

As an example, white, green and black tea contain a certain set of amino acids can have a positive impact on human sleep, thereby energizing the nervous system. Chamomile tea also promotes good sleep, in addition very well affecting wound healing, heart and more. All this contributes to a flavonoid, which significantly lowers the level of anxiety.

In addition, the sedative effect has cinnamon, also helpful for victims of insomnia, and for diabetics. In a number of sleep-inducing foods also includes ginger, licorice, lemon, lime and persimmon, which have an overall positive effect on the immune system, calming the entire body and lowering the stress load on the body.


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