“Food abundance” of capitalism in Khabarovsk. Part 2


“Продуктовое изобилие” капитализма в Хабаровске. Часть 2

“Merchants and manufacturers falsifiziert
all edible products most unscrupulous
by the way, completely disregarding health
those who have these products to consume.»
The position of the working class in England
the head of the “Big city II”

Discuss the exhibition of the foremost capitalist production. Somehow revealed the “achievements” did not cause the tide of enthusiasm from the crowd. The journalists were interested in why the quality of food from year to year? Really, even the bourgeois journalists began to suspect that the population is fed a cheap substitute, instead of normal food? It turns out that Engels was right?! God Bless!

“Продуктовое изобилие” капитализма в Хабаровске. Часть 2

It should be noted that the milk they are now called, including, and dairy product recovered from the dry powder. And not to be confused, came up with normal milk to be called “alive”.

Today, large agricultural enterprises of the region have reduced or ceased production of this “living milk”. So for example, if we used to consume milk obtained from COWS, now, for some reason from URUGUAY. And the quality of the milk is constantly decreasing. This process, long been apparent to workers finally noticed and the representatives of the bourgeois media.

And so, on the occasion of the exhibition, these issues and asked the capitalists and officials responsible for milk production in the Khabarovsk Krai. In response, the head of Pereyaslavl dairy factory Sergey SMOLENTSEV explained to the audience that the delivery of “live” milk it “to go” for a number of reasons:

“Now the share of regional raw milk is 16%. The indices decrease. Some large farms for various reasons, have reduced or even ceased production of the “living” of milk, raw material prices are increasing rapidly.
…the plant has to buy a litre of milk from local producers on average to 36.5 rubles per liter, in the Amur region, the average price is 28 rubles.
Herewith milk production in the Khabarovsk region last year decreased by 16.2%. As a result, manufacturers of processed raw milk is 27 percent less than the year before.
The lack of natural milk is replaced by dry from Uruguay, which costs about 260 rubles per kilogram. Its share of usage is 80 percent. If breeding, as experts recommend, at a ratio in a glass of 5-6 teaspoons of dry powder, the liter plant will cost about 26 rubles, which is comparable to the cost of neighbors from the Amur region.”

The objective laws of the capitalist system lead to steadily decline of quality of food intended for the population. “Dear sir” from dairy quite clearly explained that to sell people high-quality “live” milk is not profitable. Here’s the political economy in action. But we can continue the logic, and to imagine what will happen if bodyazhit “milk product” with chalk and palm oil. It would probably be more profitable?

Thus the position of the business is clear and unchanging: “the maximum profit in the shortest terms”. But there are regulatory authorities that, in theory, can “rectify the excesses”. In any case, in this we are trying to convince various the improvers of capitalism kasiani and opportunists. But all illusions are brilliantly retorted the Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk Krai Pavel Simagin your honest answer:
— Every production has its own technology. If the technology you have laid production in this case of powdered milk, then just go one day on fresh feed, and then back to dry — it’s almost unreal, because it is a very different production.
In order for the plant to switch completely to “live” milk, a great effort is needed. It is not enough just to restore in the region the number of cows. It is necessary that it was qualitative, healthy.

If we translate the bureaucratic language to Russian, it appears that “live” milk, no produce is not going to. It’s funny that the official indirectly praises the “inefficient scoop.” He reasonably explains that the centralized provision of milk needed “great effort”. And milk in the Soviet Union. So, following elementary logic, “great effort”was taken. And now, after 100 years of technological progress, to do this “almost unreal”.
Well, the icing on the cake was the explanation of Sergey Smolentseva that milk in its qualities is not worse than solid:
Is a complete product. Even in the most advanced in the gastronomic countries with deep specialist will be unable to distinguish the living from pasteurized milk extracted dry. Nowhere in the world this negative image of milk powder there. In Russia this started, when was the last regulation on dairy products. Unfortunately, he somehow served as a tool of anti-public relations, and brought tremendous damage to the entire industry. First affected molokootdelenia of the enterprise, then the number of cattle, as there was nowhere to pass products. And as a result the whole country is now buying milk powder abroad.
— Of course, lovers of romance and adventure is fun and exciting to drink a liter of fresh milk. But when the question arises: what to put the child in kindergarten or pupils in the dining room, we, of course, without a doubt, will prefer a product which is made in industrial conditions with guaranteed quality. Let it be even not as tasty as fresh milk.

Apparently, we’re supposed to believe the representative of CJSC “Pereyaslavsky dairy factory”. Don’t your taste buds and elementary logic, which dictates that in the drying process of the organic compounds destroyed, but the word of a capitalist. Because, obviously, that the capitalist never lies!
We explain that we have little choice: “fresh milk” made archaic method, and divorced dry — “product with guaranteed quality”. Apparently “effective owner” is not aware that the technology exists allowing molokozavod to obtain quality milk.

Dmitry Didenko




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