“Food abundance” of capitalism in Khabarovsk. Part 1


“Продуктовое изобилие” капитализма в Хабаровске. Часть 1

25 January 2018 in Khabarovsk there was held an enlarged meeting of the government of Khabarovsk territory.
One of the topics that were discussed at the enlarged meeting of the regional government, was the state in which today’s food industry. Before the meeting was held a thematic exhibition. It presented a wide range of food, from dumplings to beverages, both alcoholic and innocently sweet, with possibility of tasting. To this exhibition we will be back, in the meantime, discuss the rhetoric of the meeting.

In contradiction exhibited at the exhibition successes, discussed some sort of trouble with the food industry. This of course caused a moderate loss. For how can under capitalism, and even democracy, to tackle the problem? After all, it’s the most humane society possible! And all the problems likely associated only with the fact that narodishko our brilliant government are not the same, and moreover, Americans continue petty shit on the entrances.

In General, it was modestly observed that food production in the region is reduced. In the Khabarovsk region of the food products produced by 305 companies. Compared to 2016 the production decreased, as evidenced by the decrease in relevant benchmark indices.

The reasons for this puzzling phenomenon explained to the audience the Chairman of the Committee of consumer market, food and processing industry of the Government of Khabarovsk territory Nikolay kretsu:
Most negative dynamics was affected by the decline in production dependent on raw agricultural region.
This is a serious bid for the Nobel prize in Economics! If the industry shrinks, the reason is that the suppliers have stopped producing raw! Our Khabarovsk officials have either discovered a new fundamental economic law is either shamelessly lying.
Well, mister, the fact that these sabbaths did not catch you in a lie, does not mean that people believe in this nonsense. Perhaps journalists and representatives of “elite” was a bad student in his Gryfindor and Slithering, and do not understand anything, and can understand it all, but have their benefits. Anyway, brad does not become truth and your lies it’s obvious that now we will see.
Given the indicators from the point of view not that of political economy, but even the basic fundamentals of the economy, means one simple thing: people began to save on food.

To clearly understand this, consider a simple fact: under capitalism, the main problem is the lack of effective demand (see the crisis of overproduction). With this demand, the production is always expanding. That is, the capitalist, having a profitable business, never cut production, if you know where to sell their products. If I am sure that I will be able to sell more, they’ll find a way to expand it.

If the production in the whole industry will start to collapse, producers leave the market, it means that the sector has fallen solvent demand. Consumers simply have no money to buy products at the prices that are suitable for the working of capitalist production.

Roughly speaking, we have three facts:
1) Production is reduced.
2) Manufacturers produce fewer raw materials.
3) the standard of living and the maintenance of wages in the population is falling.
On the first two, the official said, about the third silence. The logic offered us the following: “the Sun rises because the rooster crows”.
Any intelligent person knows that the reason here is the drop in the standard of living of the population and the reduction of the real content of wages. Everything else is just consequences.
Yes, comrades, congratulations to all — we had it — people started to save on food. And this is the last thing you can save.
“Продуктовое изобилие” капитализма в Хабаровске. Часть 1
And how do we propose to solve the problem voiced? The word of the Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Vyacheslav Shport:
— Local producers need financial support. Obviously. I support this idea and believe that we should adopt the best practices of Russian regions and actively introduce the best forms of support.
Well, how to comment on this nonsense? Production collapses due to the lack of effective demand. The budget is experiencing an acute shortage of funds. In such circumstances, we will inject small budget money in the notoriously unprofitable industry. The industry in which the company closed and from which escape capitalists. Ingeniously!

Dmitry Didenko


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