Following a US strike on Syria will be their Swan song


Следующий удар США по Сирии станет их лебединой песней

The course of events

As you know, 14 April at 3.42 5.10 in Moscow, two ships of the U.S. Navy from the red sea, aircraft of the United States, Britain and France from the Mediterranean, as well as strategic bombers from the area of al-TANF, was released at the objects of military and civilian Syrian infrastructure 103 missiles of various classes. The General staff of Russia said that Syrian air defenses successfully intercepted a rocket from 71 to 103, reducing the damage to a minimum.

In the reflection of a missile strike were involved in the Syrian air defense systems, s-125, s-200, Buk, “Square” and “Wasp”. According to the head of the Ministry of defense of France, Florence Parlee and US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman: “the Russian side has been notified in advance” of the beginning of this “operation”.


Thus, despite the fact that the strike was based on “data networks” and exactly on the day when the so-called investigation “himataki” was to begin, the Commission of the OPCW, warning the Russian General staff in Washington worked. Government district of the Syrian capital, the presidential Palace, military facilities of Russia, in the course of this aggression was not injured.

What’s the point?

It is obvious that the key geopolitical task is the perfect U.S. aggression was the demonstration of the presence of power. The desire to demonstrate that “the leader” of the Western world is strong, and the responsibility for support of the “terrible” mode is to Russia. Washington was important to dehumanize allies of Assad and demonize Moscow. In addition, a blow was struck, and under international law, as the fact that supposedly prevents the upholding of justice, and that need a long time and immediately subjected to deep reform. Also, this step solves domestic issues trump, exactly the same as was done 12 months ago. Then the falling ratings of the President and ruling Republican party jumped up immediately after the application of a similar attack on the airport shirt.


What’s next?

Even if the OPCW eventually make it to the city Council and will take the necessary samples, these three countries will do everything to make the results of her findings were sabotaged. If you push your output to the results of the Commission will fail their publication will try to tighten over time. And then in the United States probably will emerge a kind of “their” blood samples from some victims in East Huta people referred to them by some “human rights” or unnamed “activists.” Publicly they find sarin, chlorine, or other combat formations, and reported that they were the same warehouses that the attack was destroyed.

Of course the proof of this will also be destroyed along with the explosion, or Vice versa, they’re there, because you were there together with the “parcel” of sarin and chlorine inside several of the attackers of their missiles. In any case, all this will link Britain and France with the United States of the chain, will provide food for fraud and triumphant reports by the Western media, but much to the dismay of official America does not change the fact that the former unity anymore.

While between the strikes on Libya, where the United States was formed international coalition of most of the NATO countries, half of the EU case Skripal and only three countries in this plaque lies the abyss. Consequently, further steps of the United States, more than just fearing a loss of dominance, will become only even more brutal and insane. In any case, as long as they do not lose their current control of “allies” and a critical geopolitical weight to the end.

In this regard, trying to prove the insanity of the acts of insane people is pointless. Out of fear and the attempts to retain power, they will try to show it around the world. This is a typical last stage of the throes of any Empire to save lost control trying by any means.

And what about Russia?

Despite the now common emotions, to attack US, while they attack Syria, we could not. However, we could exactly as well as can not and Washington to attack Moscow, while videoconferencing destroys them the hand of terrorists. Americans can not openly come into conflict with the Russian army, under the guise of protecting allies in the face of “opposition”, and we can’t do the same against the US army, as they have with Syria, the Treaty of Alliance. None of the fired by coalition missiles was not included in the zone of responsibility of Russian air defense in Tartus and Mamimi.

Officially Russia is in Syria to combat terrorism and protect can only be yourself. It is because of this fact, the US did everything to not a hair fall from the head of the Russian soldiers and officers, because in this case it would be a completely different story.

However, this situation in the future is unacceptable to us. It is obvious that in the period to increase the degree of hysteria and fear of the United States, such stories are staged with the reasons for the attacks may be repeated in any country – from Kazakhstan to Belarus. And since Russia has always played by the rules of “political judo”, using the attacker’s momentum against him personally, this demonstrative attack will benefit Russian security and the security of its allies. How, you ask? Exactly the same as was used by the Soviet Union in a very similar situation. Then, during the Lebanese attack on Syria, the Soviet Union supplied Damascus two regiments of full-fledged defense systems, today the Russian General staff openly stated about the same thing:

“A few years ago, given the urgent request of some “Western partners,” we refused to supply Syria with anti-aircraft missile systems s-300. However, given the existing incident, believe it is possible to revisit this issue. But this time, not only against Syria but also other countries”, – said the General rudskoy.

And this is the best response to what happened in the attack. Even now, when targets were in the first place, the air base of the Syrian air force and protect their systems from 30 years ago, 71 out of 103 missile was intercepted.


According to the data of objective control, on the airfield of Duval a shot struck the four missiles of the coalition – were all shot down. The airfield Doumeira – 12 missiles were all shot down. Aerodrome Bley – 18 missiles were all shot down. The airport shirt – 12 missiles were all shot down. Even of those nine missiles that were launched on a unused airfield Mezze was shot down five. And 16, released on HOMS airfield, destroyed 13. Conclusion: airports are not affected, even with the old Soviet air defense. And even the transfer of Syrian air force planes from their airfields under the “umbrella” of the Russian systems Mamimi turned out to be unnecessary.

Whether more will be when the skies of Syria and other allied countries, would really cover modern Russian weapon systems…


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