Foldable Xiaomi phone will be equipped with a triple camera


The phone is divided into three segments.

Xiaomi company has applied to develop a foldable phone in the intellectual property Office of the EU, reports the with reference to prostotech.

Technical drawings show the familiar double design, but also show a triple camera rear. How will this work?

Xiaomi has posted two videos of the phone. They show how the phone is divided into three segments — left and right stacked segments in the Central segment. And while they will cover the back of the camera.

It is not shown in the video, but on another it doesn’t work. It will be difficult to do because of privacy considerations, so how the front is likely to be a camera for selfie, which will remain open. Unless, of course, Xiaomi doesn’t use pop-up camera (in any case, the design shows a self-camera).

The folded segments create a kind of secondary rear display, but they shut down the camera.

What happened to folding Xiaomi phone? He was supposed to go in the second quarter and cost twice cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, after Samsung withdrew the review units and delayed the start, all companies had promised foldable phones, talk — it-yourself Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others have not yet undertaken the mandatory start date of their phones.


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