Foldable Samsung smartphone will cost as much as two iPhone X


Published the preliminary cost of the smartphone Samsung folding case and a flexible screen. It can show behind closed doors at CES 2019 six months, and its price certainly will not please anyone.

According to the data obtained, a flexible screen of your new smartphone Samsung will make on the matrix Super AMOLED, but about the structure of the body information yet. When folded, the screen size will be 4.5 inches which is very small by modern standards, and in the spread it will be a full-fledged tablet by 7.3 inches. The presence of cutout of speech yet, it’s not an IPhone and not one of his numerous clones. The smartphone is no name, no characteristics, not even at least one render – first announced 4 years ago, he still was never presented to the public.

As to its price, it will be around 1950 US dollars for the minimum configuration, according to information from insiders – for the money you can buy four Xiaomi Mi 8, and passing on the Redmi 6 will remain. We also add that six months ago saw the light flexible smartphone ZTE M7 – one double bed with two frames with virtually no limits, and this year, Huawei also plans to introduce its own flexible solution.


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