Flu in U.S.: schools closed in 11 States


Грипп в США: закрыты школы в 11 штатах It is known that a flu has already died 37 children.

To prevent the spread of the disease, the closure of schools in the States of Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Michigan, Idaho, Missouri, North Carolina and Florida.

This season because of the aggressive H3N2 strain of the virus died at least 37 children and, most likely, the number of victims will increase.

According to the authorities, only last week because of the flu died seven children. In addition, the number of hospitalized increased to 41.9 per 100 thousand last week from 36.9 persons per each 100 thousand a week earlier.

In the center for control and prevention of diseases of the U.S. said that they will not have data on the number of deaths because of the flu until next season. However, experts say that more than 50 thousand Americans will die by the end of this flu season.


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