Flood victims in Japan began almost 200 people


Жертвами наводнения в Японии стали почти 200 человекIn the Western and Central prefectures of the country from July 7 to continue the powerful rains that caused the flood.

In Japan continues to increase the number of flood victims in the West country. As of Thursday, July 11, dead are considered to be 199 people. This was announced by the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Yoshihide Suga.

He noted that this figure is not final, search for people affected by the disaster areas is ongoing.

It is noted that at least 10 thousand people were evacuated from dangerous areas, are currently living in tents and other temporary shelters.

According to media reports, the government has taken the decision to use the reserve Fund of the budget for the year 2018 for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters.

We will remind, caused by Typhoon rains, which caused flooding that struck Japan on 7 July. Due to the natural disaster damaged infrastructure, paralyzed rail traffic.

Due to the flooding, several large trucking companies has suspended its work.


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