Float in ice water


When the cold comes, heralding the winter, fish activity is greatly reduced. It is therefore necessary for fishing float rod carefully to choose seats for the upcoming fishing to the extremely light and thin with a float snap-in securely to see a neat touch to the bait of roach, bream or carp leisurely.

As a rule, frequent bad weather and the-winter forcing anglers to make a choice of still water. Most usually choose clean and deep ponds. To take shelter behind a steep Bank or coastal coppices, and the winds cannot disperse the great wave because of the smallness of the pond. Also to fish, ceded to great depths in the pond to get the gear easier than on the vast reservoirs and wide rivers.

Fish composition in small ponds is not so wide, but virtually all of them are roach, bream, bleak, pike, perch, in recent years almost everywhere in large flowing ponds massively spread the bream. It is in the pre-winter needs to focus on waters with such a “standard” set. After all, on a purely “karasawa” pond can easily be without a catch, because the behavior of the fish in ice water is almost unpredictable.

Most massive fish on ponds, where it started, is roach. She is agile and always hungry, held tight flocks and of maximum depth, which gives a chance to reach the fish light and short rod, and is most comfortable at weak bites, strong wind and easy snap.

But we should not delude ourselves that in the period preceding winter on the pond roach will be easy to produce in reasonable quantity. Ice water is transparent like glass, the light penetrates deeply, so all the flaws in the tackle strongly affect the results of fishing. So I have to pay very close attention to all elements of the design of the snap-in for roach, while at the same time not trying to catch and carp, and minnows, come anything.

The main thing to tackle is the fishing line. There need extremely thin and transparent fishing line is only available invisible in clear water, because it is all the light pass through, unlike the lines painted. Preference should be given to the fishing line with a diameter of 0,07-0,09 mm. Modern fishing line is so durable that easily allow you to cope with fish of a respectable size, especially in the ponds very large roach rare.

Another benefit of thin fishing line is that it allows you to throw extremely light snap, and it is this needed when catching gently pecking roach. With such line it is possible to use a float with a carrying capacity of not more than one gram. In this case the weights in the form of a set of small pellets should spread over the entire length of the descent, then the bait on the hook is very natural and slowly sink in the water column to the bottom. This behavior of the lure will not cause suspicion among the fish and will lead to the correct bite. And yet, small and thin float is the most sensitive to contact with the fish, so it will allow time to notice the “thieving” the bite of a roach, than it is much different when the water in ponds much cold.

A special role for the autumn fishing is given to complementary feeding or total exclusion when the fish reacts negatively to food brought in from outside, at the same time massively eating some local, seasonal larvae. This option fishing is quite possible, but then the bait is necessary to find and procure.

If the bait works, its correct application is intended to gather in the place of catching more roach — only in the conditions encountered stern competition you can count on a stable and effective bite. You should always proceed from the fact that before wintering, different fish has already accumulated sufficient fat reserves, so cold water is fed intermittently or in portions, giving preference to the stern, which is easy to digest and gives the maximum energy. Usually such food serve a variety of small aquatic organisms: fish, bloodworms, caddisflies, mollusks, crustaceans, and falling from the external environment dead insects, larvae, worms.

Thus, received on the bottom of the bait needs in the selected location as best as possible to mimic the plot of the pond, enriched with fish need food, where she will necessarily seek to get. Therefore, until the warm season to forget to take with you as components of bait, the usual cereals, oil cakes, grains.

Practice autumn float fishing on ponds has shown that the success of fishing often depends on the number of small moth and maggots, attached to a so-called bait for cold water. Then all the other, almost neutral taste, its components play a secondary role and serve only in order to be able bloodworms and maggots in a compact ball without breaking in flight to deliver the necessary distance.

Easy to bait in General was drowning and could be precisely sent to float, should the group enter the ballast. It may be river sand, and any soil from the shore is a fertile ground to the bait, besides, and itself attracts fish, especially cold-water, apparently, to underwater inhabitants it carries the smell of live food. Only the bait with the ground when fishing in a pond without any current need not too wet, not to give it excessively viscous properties that are otherwise neglected in water balloon bait will not quickly decay and will not give the desired effect of attracting and holding fish in the area fishing.

Should be taken into account an important point in the preparation of bait for cold water with the introduction of live food. Small moth before adding to the mixture already in the pond, you must first for some time in a separate bowl add water to it saturated, because when storing the larvae lose a lot of moisture and, being washed away from the bait will float up. All stockpiled bloodworms do not just lay in ready, already moist bait, otherwise after some time it simply “suck” and from larvae literally nothing left. Therefore, the dose of bloodworms and maggots mixed with only that portion of the bait, which at the moment have to throw in the water. After all, in the case of grubs, if you put it in advance will happen is that it will quickly go to the bottom of the tank with bait, where it’s hard again evenly “disperse” throughout its volume.


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