Flies to the Earth asteroid the size of a skyscraper


К Земле летит астероид размером с небоскребAt its closest celestial body will be 4 Feb.

The asteroid 2002 AJ129, the size of which can be compared to a skyscraper, and according to various estimates, from 0.5 to 1.2 kilometers. It moves at a speed of about 34 miles per second.

It is reported by NASA.

At its closest celestial body will be February 4, but this time it will be at a distance ten times greater than that between the Earth and the Moon. So, according to scientists, the asteroid will fly at a distance of 4.2 million kilometers from the planet.

The asteroid 2002 AJ129 klassificeret as “potentially dangerous,” however, the probability of Earth impact is zero.

It was opened on 15 January 2002. The speed of the asteroid during its approach to the Earth is 34 kilometers per second. The high speed rotation of the asteroid is a consequence of peculiarities of its orbit, it approaches very close to the Sun (at a distance of 18 million kilometers).


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