Flagship slider Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix much cheaper


A flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix, the flagship 2018, has become more accessible. Today, Xiaomi has officially lowered its price, and now it can be bought for more than sane money.

Recall that the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix – this is a vertical slider with a fully edge-to-edge screen, front facing camera which is hidden directly below the touch screen. This is a very rare form factor that makes the cell phone not only fashion, but also design. The most popular package of this phone includes Qualcomm 845, 8 GB of RAM and a built-in hard drive 128 GB, can be yours for only $ 335 US.

Price is valid for China market, while in Russia for the money, you can buy only some cell initial-average level. In other words, the cell is more than affordable, and in your environment this just will not work no one or almost no one. The decline in the price of Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix due to the upcoming announcement of the Mi 4 Mix, which is expected this fall. By the time Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix may fall in price even more.


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