Five places in Kiev that are worth seeing each


Пять мест в Киеве, которые стоит увидеть каждому Unique historic building.

On the streets of Kiev you can see buildings from different eras and with different history. These buildings do not notice, because they are not like everyone else, but they are the representatives of the capital of modernism. Most of them destroyed or threatened with destruction and loss of cultural values. Such objects are scattered around the world and a special place among them occupy the bridges.

The most interesting and unique can be called the building of the Ukrainian Institute of scientific and technical expertise and information (UKRINTEI). It is located near the metro station Lybidska. Part of this building resembles an alien ship. Also on the list were building fireworks, the crematorium and memorial Park apartment at the metro station of Friendship of peoples, the building of river station.

Пять мест в Киеве, которые стоит увидеть каждому

Ukrainian Institute of scientific-technical expertise and information (UkrISTEI) is a creation of the architect Florian Yuryev. The building was built in 1971 and is made in the style of modernism. It became one of the iconic objects made in this direction. However, the building is under threat. The city authorities gave it in rent to a private company with the possibility of reconstruction. In private hands left part of the building with a “plate”, there now is a shopping and entertainment options.

Пять мест в Киеве, которые стоит увидеть каждому

No less original is the building of hotel salute, which is located on the street of Ivan Mazepa. The architects of this structure are Abraham Miletsky and Vladimir Shevchenko. Built the hotel in 1984. The hotel is designed with 88 rooms, located in the round tower. For the project “tower” was supposed to be a 10-storey, but the architects cut the budget. This was the reason for reducing the number of floors. In 2016, the building was put up for auction by the national Bank because he was a collateral of liquidated Bank “Finance and credit”.

Пять мест в Киеве, которые стоит увидеть каждому

The crematorium and memorial Park – is an object that deserves attention. The crematorium building was created in the style of modernism. It is a composition of reinforced concrete petals. Today, the crematorium is in need of renovation as the walls of memory, which is located next to it. Architects object became Abraham Miletsky, Vladimir Melnichenko, Ada Rybachuk. The date of construction of the object was the period 1968-1980 years. The memory wall was to reflect the course of human life surround reliefs. However, they are later filled with concrete.

Пять мест в Киеве, которые стоит увидеть каждому

Building furniture facility located at the metro station of Friendship of peoples. The architect is Natalya Catina. He still is one of the largest buildings created for the furniture trade. The area of this shopping centre is 20 thousand square meters. A distinctive feature of the House furniture is Concave to the center of the roof. In 2014 it is planned its reconstruction.

Пять мест в Киеве, которые стоит увидеть каждому

In this list there is the building of river station. It resembles a ship with a mast. It was erected in 1961, and became an architect Vadim Gopkalo, V. fine, Gregory Slutsky. To date, the object is empty and collapses. In 2016, the building became a property of people’s deputies of Nestor Shufrich and Michael Brodsky, who promised to reconstruct it, but it never happened.


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