Five of the most unusual schools in the world. Photo


Пять самых необычных школ в мире. ФотоWorks here a special approach.

Since September in Ukraine began a New Ukrainian school. Children do not receive evaluations, conduct classes on the carpets, not doing homework. Many parents such innovations do not like.

However, in many educational institutions of the world actively use various know-how, using new methods of teaching. Unusual in every school there is a mandatory individual approach.

1. Underground school. Terraset Elementary School PTA

The school is located in the U.S. state of Virginia. The students of the school Terraset – children of the underground.

Пять самых необычных школ в мире. Фото

Students of the American school Terraset almost children of the underground.
The building was built in the 1970-ies. Then the country entered a power saving mode. Fucking budownictwa school in Reston, flattened the hill, built a house. Then cover it with earth. Natural earth cover given the heat and retain energy. Now school is the most energy-efficient school in the country.

2. A school without discipline. ALPHA Alternative School

Ontario in Canada from 1972 there is a school where there are no grades, schedules and homework. Students decide how to spend the school day, and classes to attend. Classes are formed not by age but by interests. In addition to traditional subjects, there are classes in sculpting, and cooking. The task of the teachers is just not the way.

Пять самых необычных школ в мире. Фото

“Alpha” advocate exclusively democratic approach to learning.
If the school conflict situation arises, convene the special Committee. It consists of students and teachers. The parties Express their opinion. after that, the Commission proposes solutions to the problem.

3. Nomadic school. “CENELEC”

In the Russian Yakutia there are nomadic schools. In their study of children of nomadic herders. Students in such schools are very few. They are engaged in a specially created schedule.

Пять самых необычных школ в мире. Фото

“Kenaikan” – branch Hariyadarshi high school Olenikov the Evenki national district
Homework and test are getting on the Internet – all schools for children of reindeer herders in the framework of the national project have access to satellite Internet. Once the job is send them back for review.

4. School search understanding. Busan International Foreign School

In South Korea, in Busan, learn aliens – are children of immigrants or those who came to Korea to work for the long term. These children need to adapt to the country. They are studying in the intensive mode. This helps to quickly adapt to new life conditions and later successfully enroll in one of Korean universities.

Пять самых необычных школ в мире. Фото

In school the children of foreigners.
Most children learn three languages: Korean, English, Spanish. The program also provides thematic classes that do not allow to forget the culture of their native country. Many teachers in Pusan school psychologists.

5. School pleasant interaction with the world. Mountain Mahogany Community School

In new Mexico there is a school, which to enter you need to win the lottery. On the official website of the school should download the special form, fill it out, send it by Fax or by post and to wait, when there will be a drawing and will announce the list of lucky ones.

Пять самых необычных школ в мире. Фото

Ticket in school and win the lottery.
Program the facility is based on the latest neurological research. The school policy is based on three principles: satisfaction, safety and emotional development. The school has a standard General education subjects. Students are taught to interact with the outside world and domestic skills: sewing, cooking, gardening.


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