Five hundred Americans will be prosecuted for the ‘assault on the Capitol’


The American authorities expect to prosecute at least 500 people for the assault on the Capitol, the parliament building in Washington. Over 400 of them have already been charged.

The investigation continues and the government expects at least a hundred more people to be prosecuted. The authorities assume one of the greatest cases in American history.

The FBI is increasingly targeting suspects who have ties to extreme right-wing groups, such as The Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys. So far, more than 40 of these two groups have been arrested and charged. One of the founders of the Oath Keepers was last week the first person to say he was guilty and participated in the attack.

The January 6 storm on the Capitol by supporters of then-president Donald Trump sparked a wave of outrage and disgust. Immediately there was talk of an attack on democracy. Five people died at or after the storm. More than 130 officers were injured.


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