Fitbit releasing a new model smart bracelet


Fitbit выпускает новую модель умного браслетаFitbit have a really great chance to surprise and impress all customers.

The Fitbit company specializing in the development and release of various smart bracelets and medical devices and sporting areas, today officially announced its new model smart bracelet called Fitbit Inspire.

Despite its grandiose name, the novelty is in principle not possess any unique features and technologies, virtually repeating the technological complex of smart devices from the company of past generations. The only truly unique feature of novelty is that it will not apply directly, but only through special programmes and plans through various medical organizations and insurance tariff plans in the United States.

Thus, if the user wants to purchase the device, he must first become a client of one or another medical center or organizations, which cooperates with the company Fitibit before committing to a specific program, it gets this bracelet. Sounds such format is quite controversial from the perspective of the end user, however, it becomes clear why the company chose against the novelties of this path.

The fact that Fitbit for a long time dreaming about how to occupy a prominent niche in the major segment of smart medical devices, and instead compete directly with giants like Apple and Samsung, she chose to take advantage of this loophole – which, however, promises a really high chance for the popularization of the current generation of Fitbit devices. The functionality of the model is hardly someone will surprise, given that it has only the most basic features – tracking patterns of sleep, activity, calories burned and kilometres travelled. Separately is enhanced activity tracking heart rate.

In any case, Fitbit there is a really great chance to surprise and impress all our clients by distribution format of its news – and in the following months we can expect other models in this technological line. In any case, Fitbit already has a certain strategy, which is gradually embodied.


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