Fishing on the pond after the ice melts


Crucial to the beginning of the bite is water temperature and how the fish got hungry over the winter.

If roach carp and even carp are hungry, the bite may start even if the last still floating around the ice.

This happens on some specific bodies of water annually.

This year was no exception. Already in the middle of the month partly good otravilis the carp, and very decent size.

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In any case, the spring bite is unstable, as the water temperature is still low, and this has added to diurnal fluctuations of temperature of air, light, changes of wind direction. Change the direction of the wind most affected are biting in shallow water, as it is the movement of warm water that causes the migration of fish.

The most difficult to catch in the vast body of water, especially if it is a bad sign. I don’t know if the fish are not biting, if you can’t find them..


In such spaces we need to know the “point”. Photo: Alexander Talkie.

Activity of different species of fish is very different, which helps purposefully to catch a particular fish.

Roach is now seeking to shore on a small space if the weather permits. There is a mixture of coastal and deep herd population. In the coastal area with hard soil (sandy or clay) to a depth of half a meter, you can expect to catch several plotvits.

In order to have success you should know the topography of the selected location, time of release of fish and have a subtle and, more importantly, so is light tackle. Bites can be extremely careful and slow.

So roach, which remains behind the border of the coastal edge, and even above the upper limit of irrigation, coming from the flooded riverbed or underwater ditches, behaves quite differently.

It takes a certain horizon and moves in it. With the warming water the roach is often raised and played at the water surface. The location of the horizon depends only on weather conditions. Roach is now “hunting” for the warm and transparent waters, which now she can find the smallest feed.

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To spend time on the coastal catch of roach is only in the case that you know several promising points and are confident that fish are there. Bait can damage if it’s not a moth. Roach catch from a depth of twenty centimeters is possible with the most delicate tackle.


On a small “swamp” the bite starts early. Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

The hunt for roach in deep places, as a rule, more profitable. Usually the pack occupies the lower part of the coastal edge. It is important that this edge was not near the shore, and at a distance of five meters, enough to fish vigilant

Bait usually works, but it needs some. I use bait or winter with the addition of bloodworms or bloodworms in a mixture with earth, or just throw a tiny portion of small moth, abundantly moistened with water.

Still unstable bite of bream, although often on small places catches and bream. To talk about the special fishing of this fish is not necessary. The exception is fishing in waters where the bream are a lot or very much.

Fish accumulates at the bottom of the coastal edge, but goes into small places only where there are thickets of riparian vegetation and where a deep ditch or channel fits directly to the shore.

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Interesting minnow, which is in the lakes reaches a very decent size. Now he left a deep seat and walked up to the shore, where there is directly behind the coast edge. Biting is very unstable. The sun comes out and starts biting. In cloudy weather the bite of a fish may not be at all.

Now of particular interest to carp. This is because in the early days of fish caught the largest specimens. Sometimes I wonder, what in the pond, where in summer are biting only ladoshka detail, it turns out, live pound monsters.

In most cases, it makes sense to catch carp on the bottom gear if the pond is shallow or very shallow.

If the pond is deep, the better to look for carp in shallow bays, in the coastal snags and on the border of last year’s cane.

To predict the point of the Parking lot, only to try. It helps that if carp is and it pecks, the long wait for a bite is not necessary. If biting is not present, then the search will not help, but active movement with change of places can lead to a pack of roach or bream.


The location was chosen correctly. Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

To the General regularities and peculiarities of finding and catching fish in ponds and lakes now include the fact that all the fish are looking for places with clear and warm water. Such places are usually located in bays protected from the wind.

However, it is worth considering how finely can be in such a place. If the drop in water level in summer, the Bay disappears, the fish is here now, may not be.

Now, unlike the summer, the surf beach may not be the best, especially with Northern winds. Fish is kept small or the surface layers, and warm surface water moves under the action of surface currents. Based on this glue place can be everywhere, the question is how it faster to detect.

I’m starting the search exactly tuned to a specific fish. If it’s roach, perch, or gudgeon, the pace of the search as fast as possible. Several transactions thin and very sensitive equipment in a promising location, and, if there are no strikes, then immediately move on.

Carp, bream or carp have “built” relying on experience. That is to choose the area and a bit of lure (one of a handful of bait) a few points. Within about an hour I check fueled point. If there are no bites, then change the fishing area.

The key to success in the first bite. If it happened, it makes sense to change the horizon distance fishing, speed posting, but seek to continue biting.

After a few fish I’m a little finish with the point of fishing. First, a single ball the size of a tangerine. If bites become more frequent, they begin to feeding point. It is very important to catch the reaction fish at once if she responds to the bait, or with a delay.

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I never rely on luck and tune into a technical, sport fishing. After the first success it is important not to fall into the excitement and not to spoil the catch. No need to fuss and make noise. It is not necessary to throw the bait, trying to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Pay attention to the relationship of the biting and the weather change. It so happens that blew the North wind and the biting verse. Instead of having to wait for the sun, the angler begins to bomb groundbait and successfully ruining the future of fishing.

Very often, after the first caught fish biting stops. In this case, I advise you to change snap-on lighter and play with a snap, making slow artificial transaction.


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