Fishing news from the water bodies of Volgograd


Volga Akhtuba

Went one day in Karshevitoe. Fishing is sad. A trifle devour worms, maggots not so fast. All day I caught 3 sabrefish, 2 roach, ruff,3 sobana. The people there spent the night, say that night too bad they were caught.

Water in the Volga river a lot, although it fell slightly. To the old docks to one side. All dams full of fishermen. All catch carp. Animals of different exotic – just a lot! Probably because of the flood, they came closer to the roads.

The Volga-Akhtuba floodplain

Was in the flood plain near the City. Party defended the scoring. Caught a couple of Sazanchikov weighing up to and over a kilogram. Was the gatherings. Pleased with large carp and tench.

Caught in a flood in the reeds. The fish came in Polo, you can see how goes.

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There in the floodplain. The last day before the ban took a boat. Water arrived, the bite worse. Caught not everyone who was there. A wander past empty. We are also the path is not immediately found.

2-3 hours before sunset swallowed the first carp. In the end, the norm was fulfilled. Were eating only carp. For the remaining couple of hours we caught twenty pounds.

Don and tributaries

Was Rumino outside the village. Water very much. Carp not. Full of people, overnight, and all who believe. People checked the mesh and TV, almost nothing.

We fished from shore on bait. Morning bite more or less was, then climbed the breeze and the bite disappeared. Depth catching about 70-100 cm were Caught on a worm, oparysha fish did not react. The catch salancik and roach, sometimes caught small perch.

Just came from the don of the Queen. Caught on a fishing rod and a donkey. Attachment: worm, maggot, corn. Caught a lot, but a trifle.

Mostly caught small carp, but already sexually Mature. Even caught Saban, perch, roach, verhoplavka, perch (ekologichnyj, corn, the bait, took the bite).

Caught almost the same with bait and without. Almost the entire catch is rehabilitated. A lot of water, but falling. Midges too full, but don’t bite.

Volga Reservoirs.

Volgograd reservoir met unfriendly. In the morning cold. A strong East wind picks up the waves and carries her to the shore. No one wants to leave the spinning, except for the three of us.

On the one hand well, the entire beach is free, throw it or not, on the other – suggests certain ideas, to put it mildly, not optimistic. The passage along the shore-free and comfortable. Last year at this time the water was much more without saratnikov not pass.

Nature wakes up slower than in the city. Coastal shrub is just starting to grow leaves, solitary birds flit from stone to stone. First cast, and it becomes clear that conditions for fishing far from ideal.

The wind in the face, blows to the fence, and a complete lack of bites. Walked the entire beach back and forth. Walleye as there is the ubiquitous bulls. The water is cold, and it seems he has not yet approached the shore. But every day is getting warmer and warmer, and so close to that happy day when the whole beach occupy the familiar faces of fishermen.

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The beam is still empty, no flowering plants, and no thyme. Just his little sprouts begin to gain strength. The smell of flowering currant by the wind is carried to the coastal expanse.

In the woods will come alive beasts. Large beautiful butterflies are flying in the air. A flock of crested hoopoes fluttered in front of the car and flew to the landing. Along the highway rows of lush color bloom fruit and currants.

Soon our sun will burn everything and have time to enjoy this beauty. To meet the vast reservoir!


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