Fishing in the last days before the flood in Volgograd


Despite the fact that spring is clearly long overdue, the beginning of the flood below the Volga hydroelectric power station can not be called late.

Hydroelectric turbines worked 10-11 thousand cubic meters per second, quickly filling the Volga and Akhtuba.

For this reason the beginning of April was not very efficient.

Cold water and strong currents have done their dirty deed.

The increase is reset to 13 thousand cubic meters is planned for 17 April, which coincide with the annual start of the flood (+/- 3 days). This means that the water is still nimble will go to understand, the current will increase, and the fishing below the dam will be very problematic. Nevertheless, some fishing reports can be recorded in the fishing diary.

In the area of Leninsk caught a pike. Due to the lack of extractor had premakniti clearly small pike because uncoupled cranks through the gills (fingers it is a pity). A kind of fishing – the weather. In the morning (cold and wind) – all taken from the bottom.

Especially notable was the spinner Kuusamo, 80 mm, nezatseplyayki, 9 g. – worked on vertical planning.

Closer to lunch (slightly warmed and the wind died down) earned and crankbaits, but only sinking and twitching. Moreover, o-o-Chen the big pause.

Fish were divided into 2 groups: some wanted to eat, others to multiply. Therefore, askance glances and lures, and me.

Read the material “Law on hunting contrary to the orders of the Ministry of natural resources”

After the city drove to understand Kuibyshev. Changed a few points, a good ride, but has found its place.

Pike almost all empty, leaves to lure, but not bite greedily, a lot of poking. At first thought a trifle, but then I saw the yields are good pike with a light tap on the bait.

Sex is good, but biggest pike pulled on 1.6 kg. Other small. Took home two fish fry and eggs, and salt.
People fishing in the floodplain is complete, but so caught – not seen.

Floodplain burning… Spooks at rocks run hither crowds, and the people in the pits and the roach sitting every half hour catches.

In the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain again he pulled on the pike. Jig none caught. All pits obstacle – no bites. Belle makes a stand, and pike no.

All the pike were eating the small fry and pockets. Worked turntables, Colaba and wobblers.

Don swam!!! The water went into the forest and field!!! Haven’t been on.


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